Seminario Europeo para una agenda armonizada de Cooperación con Timor Oriental (Horizonte 2010)

  1. The project will be concretized in an advance working phase both by distance (using information technology media) and in the Asian country itself, to prepare sectional tables and working documents, starting in July.

  2. In the month of October the seminar will take place in the UDC with the organization of round table sectional meetings in accordance with the objectives of the Millenium and the National Development Plan for East Timor. The mass media will participate in this phase to transmit the proposals.

  3. Broadcast in European an Timorese Media the seminar and the reached proposals.

  4. Protocol and cultural visit of the Timorese delegation to Santiago de Compostela, capital of the Autonomous Region of Galicia.

  5. Academic experts in East Timor meeting.

  6. In the final phase, after the seminar, will be the coordination of the editing of a single document in relation to European Union - East Timor cooperation.