Seminario Europeo para una agenda armonizada de Cooperación con Timor Oriental (Horizonte 2010)

What is SECTO?

After the agreement reached by community ministries (May 2007) the EU must achieve convergence and harmonization of cooperation efforts and resources by 2010. The seminar will serve to create a non-binding base which will facilitate the achievement of said harmonization by the dates set. Globally, it will allow the rationalization and maximization of Timor´s resources, aiding the comprehensive development of the country A) reducing the regional imbalances between different regions B) reducing the sectional imbalances by following the aims of the Millenium and the National Development Strategy for Timor and the priorities set and C) guaranteeing a strong gender transverse approach.

The European work seminar means to achieve a proposal for a single harmonized document in relation to European Union - East Timor cooperation, in preparation for «Horizon 2010» agreed on by the cooperation agencies of the Europearn countries which are present in Timor and the civilian society.